Traditional Recruiting is a Flawed System.

Hiring Managers and Recruiters waste hours reviewing mismatched résumés and cold sourcing uninterested leads.

Job Seekers face a high bar to something new: stress of rejection or retaliation and days spent vetting opportunities.

Candidates from diverse backgrounds are unfairly burdened by implicit bias: great candidates get through the door less often.

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way.

Limbo The word "Limbo" in blocky letters.

An anonymous platform for
an ailing hiring industry.

Our Mission

Make hiring more fair and more comfortable for everyone.

Our Model

Provide an open, anonymous platform for candidates and companies to find each other.

For Job Seekers, our model:

  • Helps you explore opportunities with reduced risk and anxiety
  • Lets you remain anonymous until you’re ready to reveal your identity
  • Encourages you to think in depth about your ideal work environment
  • Allows you to stretch and express many aspects of yourself with multiple profiles

For Hiring Managers and Recruiters, our model:

  • Gives you access to quietly looking candidates, a more senior and traditionally hard to reach group
  • Lets you pinpoint candidates interested in your role faster and with precision
  • Reduces implicit bias in your hiring process

Who Are We?

We’re Chris Dary and Tyler Gaw. For more than a decade we’ve contributed leadership, code, designs, and ideas to major brands, companies, and products like Reddit, Readability, and Hillary for America.

Please feel free to say hello.

How Does Limbo Make Money?

We charge $30.00 for each Reveal Request (the first one is free). A request is the only way to access personal information about a job seeker on Limbo. This model helps ensure Hiring Managers and Recruiters only request info if they feel there is a reasonable chance a seeker will be interested in their position.

This is the only way Limbo makes money.