“Enable N. Turtle” A Senior Software Engineer with 4 years experience is looking for a new remote role.

I'm a backend engineer with a strong focus on security, but I'm happy to work across the stack as needed. In the past I've worked on security teams, building new infrastructure to keep the company secure and conducting reviews. More recently I've worked on pure product teams and a product security team, building backend interfaces that make writing secure code easier, and developing features to keep our users safe.

The most important thing to me at a company is the people and the mission. I want to work to make the world a better place, and I want to do it with people who respect and support one another.


  • Has 4 years experience in field
  • Most recent title is Senior Software Engineer
  • Remote Work Only
  • Has had a promotion in the past year
  • Mostly works in companies 500+ people
  • One or more companies is well known in its industry
  • Primarily works full-time roles
  • Considers themselves a member of an underrepresented group
  • Needs Visa Sponsorship

Notable Projects

  • Built a new rate-limiting stack from scratch
  • Ran exercises that changed the company's stance on internal security
  • Led a project to ship an entirely new analytics product to our users

Ideal Company

I thrive with smaller team sizes, usually up to five people. I'm happiest if I can share what I work on, at a high level, with my close friends, and can properly disconnect during non-working hours (being on-call sometimes is fine, provided it's not excessive).


B.S. Computer Science


AWS Python Backend ruby Security