“Premium D. Lynx” A Co-founder & President with 17 years experience is looking for a new role in 9 Locations.

I'm a seasoned and risk-tolerant entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience launching, building, and leading a diverse range of businesses. Whether it's a SaaS payment processing company serving SMBs and Fortune 500 companies, a mobile app, or consumer products, I love the spark of creative thinking that is the starting point for any new venture as much as the leadership, problem-solving, and team-building skills that bring an idea to life.


  • Has 17 years experience in field
  • Most recent title is Co-founder & President
  • Works Local or Remote
  • Works in US/Eastern time zone when working remotely
  • Held a C-Level role in a company 50-100 people
  • Mostly works in companies 10-50 people
  • Primarily works in startup environments
  • One or more companies is well known in its industry
  • Played a material role in the beginnings of one or more companies

Notable Projects

  • Co-founded and built a 50+ employee SaaS company in the B2B payments space serving thousands of SMB and Fortune 500 companies
  • Co-founded and launched a mobile app for consumers
  • Co-founded and launched a supplements and beverage company in the natural products space


B.A. Economics