“Cinereous V. Nyala” Has 20 years experience and is looking for a new role as a Technical Manager in San Francisco Bay Area or Remote.

My core expertise is taking the mind-boggling mess and steering the process toward a neat, understandable solution that can be followed by anyone; creating sustainable systems that encourage team health and reliability. I have a consultant’s eye and a star employee’s love of teamwork and stability. I specialize in creative paths to “yes” while maintaining operational security.

I bring twenty years of experience across systems/ops, network, security and other areas. Integrating that experience with new information, tools, and ever changing needs is my favorite puzzle, especially when doing it as a group exercise.

In my next role, I hope to be leading a diverse, service-oriented team to innovative, stable, and repeatable solutions that are scaffolded with documentation, training and support. To be helping an organization level up and find easier and cleaner tools and workflows.


  • Has 20 years experience in field
  • Most recent title is Technical Services Manager
  • Works Local or Remote
  • Held a Senior Level role in a company 100-500 people
  • Mostly works in companies 100-500 people
  • One or more companies is well known in its industry
  • Primarily works full-time roles
  • Considers themselves a member of an underrepresented group

Notable Projects

  • Led planning, logistics, and technical operations for multiple large scientific field operations in remote locations (Arctic, Antarctic).
  • Built a security program including policy, training, documentation and more for a mid-sized non-profit.

Ideal Company

I'm most excited by a solid change-the-world mission driven organizations that are focused on improving their industries, not 'disrupting' them. Diversity in all areas is dear to my heart, places that understand why building solid foundational services (HR, Security, IT, Ops) early is critical to success make me happy. I want to work with adults who go home and have hobbies, who take vacations and time for their families - and who understand why those things make them better at their jobs and benefit the mission.


Devops Ops IT Logistics Infra Problem Solving