“Productive L. Sloth” Has 10 years experience and is looking for a new remote role as a Senior Full Stack Developer.

I'd like to move into more of a senior management role with more project/people management responsibilities.

I’ve been a web developer for nearly nine years, five of which were spent working at Fairfax Media. My main task at Fairfax was to build and maintain a custom CMS designed specifically for the livestock industry. In my time there I worked with over a hundred livestock studs and producers from all across Australia, which provided the insights used to help produce two further rural specific web apps; FarmonlineLivestock and DomainRural.

I’m currently working on a a Node.js based app for the NSW Department of Finance that revolves around consuming geospatial data from various API endpoints and presenting them in such a way on a map so that people can take actionable insights from them. There is a legacy system involved that we are replacing and expanding that gets a couple of million views a month, though that is expected to increase significantly with the launch of this new project as it’s part of a broader strategy across the entire department. I’m employed on this project as a front end developer and have been using Dojo and the ESRI Javascript API. Having never had any experience with either of these libraries before starting this project I was somewhat apprehensive, however, after a few weeks I was able to use my extensive Javascript experience and catch up relatively quickly.

Currently I work three days a week remotely in a team of six operating in two week sprints. I've taken on the role of the development lead on this project, so I perform code reviews, manage merges in GIT and mentor other developers. We typically do merges once for each sprint, but this can vary somewhat. I am comfortable communicating effectively with C-level executives as well as end users.


  • Has 10 years experience in field
  • Most recent title is Lead front end developer
  • Remote Work Only
  • Works in Australia/Sydney time zone when working remotely
  • Worked at NSW Department of Finance
  • Held a Senior Level role in a company 500+ people
  • Mostly works in companies 500+ people
  • Primarily works in corporate environments
  • One or more companies is well known in its industry
  • Played a material role in the beginnings of one or more companies

Notable Projects

  • Lead dev on a large government project that needs to consume any API and be able to map it spatial if there are spatial fields.
  • HR and timesheet system for a company with 500+ employees that processes pay daily.
  • Built a website that took a client from startup to processing $50,000/month in sales.

Ideal Company

I'd like a company where I have room to both grow inside the business and help to shape it.


JavaScript jQuery VueJS PHP html css Laravel Responsive Design