“Opportunity Y. Cobra” A Senior front-end engineer with 3 years experience is looking for a new remote role.

I am a front-end engineer looking for the new opportunities in DevOps field.


  • Has 3 years experience in field
  • Most recent title is Senior front-end engineer
  • Remote Work Only
  • Works in Asia/Kolkata time zone when working remotely
  • Held a Senior Level role in a company 10-50 people
  • Mostly works in companies 50-100 people
  • Primarily works in startup environments
  • Played a material role in the beginnings of one or more companies
  • Primarily works full-time roles
  • Considers themselves a member of an underrepresented group
  • Needs Visa Sponsorship

Notable Projects

  • I am involved in creating the social media kind of product for educational purpose. Frontend- Angular, Polymer and Backend- AWS

Ideal Company

I wanna work in the Organisation where work should be more of fun filled and would like to thrive in more friendly environment. Flexible timings, work from home, and mentorship/training programs would be a huge plus.




Devops JavaScript design