“Enable Q. Kiwi” Has 2 years experience and is looking for a new role as a Software Engineer in 4 Locations.

Long-time hobbyist coder and Dev Bootcamp grad turning my talents into a profession.

I like playing with large datasets and coming up with elegant algorithms to make it human-friendly. Oftentimes I find myself writing code in one language to generate and execute code in another language to simplify the process.


  • Has 2 years experience in field
  • Works Local or Remote
  • Works in US/Eastern time zone when working remotely
  • Held a Staff Level role in a company 1-10 people
  • Mostly works in companies 50-100 people
  • Primarily works full-time roles

Notable Projects

  • Forum scraper in Ruby on Rails to detect and display posts made by bots/spammers
  • Large set of Python scripts to automate repetitive inventory-upkeep duties
  • App for taking a game's complicated crafting system and creating a visual web to show parts are related

Ideal Company

I'm interested in a medium-size company involved involved in a variety of technologies or industries, with enough people to learn from, and where the boss also knows my name.


Ruby on Rails Python JavaScript Lua Brunch Cytoscape node.js