“Retain G. Alpaca” A Front End Developer with 2 years experience is looking for a new role in New York, NY, Boston, MA, or Remote.

Did 6 month js intensive to start 2017 - React, Node + MongoDB and then started working on a small team building SPA platform from scratch (React + Redux & Firebase) and on my own -> taking client's existing large site and converting to react and also building a MVP for a sustainable investment platform.

Have drifted into mainly front end, but really enjoy working in Node. Has been mostly with Express, and then different view engines, pug or Express React Views. And actively learning more and more Go.

Looking for a role with a medium or small size team at a company that has an eye to the future and green/sustainable practices & technologies.


  • Has 2 years experience in field
  • Most recent title is Front End Developer
  • Works Local or Remote
  • Works in US/Eastern time zone when working remotely
  • Has had a promotion in the past year
  • Mostly works in companies 1-10 people
  • Primarily works in startup environments
  • Played a material role in the beginnings of one or more companies

Notable Projects

  • Bespoke SPA Platform for energy regulations updates & users to check their compliance with regulations.
  • Refactoring large static site from html & jquery to a SPA site & platform + adding a bespoke CMS site for admins to update the platform.

Ideal Company

A company with 5-100 people with sustainable/green practices and initiatives that is active in their local community and the tech community in their area/all over.


JavaScript React Firebase Node redux MongoDB Go team player