“Honest W. Bloodhound” Has 12 years experience and is looking for a new remote role as a Principal Software Engineer in Toronto, ON.

Full stack engineer: everything from cloud infrastructure to single-page web apps. I also hold a PhD in mobile telecoms. This breadth of skills helps me solve critical problems in complex systems, and my extensive experience helps prevent common mistakes before they happen.

I'm looking for a technically challenging senior position. I want to build and ship software that is customer facing, and be involved with every stage of the process, as well as help other engineers to grow.


  • Has 12 years experience in field
  • Most recent title is Senior Software Engineer
  • Remote Work Only
  • Has had a promotion in the past 2 years
  • Held a Senior Level role in a company 100-500 people
  • Mostly works in companies 10-50 people
  • Primarily works in startup environments
  • One or more companies is well known in its industry
  • Played a material role in the beginnings of one or more companies
  • Primarily works full-time roles
  • Needs Visa Sponsorship

Notable Projects

  • Analysed, diagnosed, and OTA fixed a critical firmware bug in a wireless sensor module, saving $250k of hardware from being scrapped
  • Migrated a distributed Windows/C# data collection system to an always-online web app, built with Ember.js, Ruby, and AWS infrastructure
  • Designed and engineered a user interface for defining logic rules, using functional programming and a recursive component structure

Ideal Company

My goal is to join a growing company. I want to help shape the engineering culture, while building and shipping the best work of my career. I'm looking for a remote-first position where most of the team is in North American timezones.


BEng & PhD Computer Engineering


Scala JavaScript ruby Ember.js Go TypeScript Elixir css Rails Rust